Karahan Tepe, Gobekli Tepe’s several,000-years-old “Sibling Web site”, Starts to Reveal Their Treasures

Karahan Tepe, Gobekli Tepe’s several,000-years-old “Sibling Web site”, Starts to Reveal Their Treasures

Karahan Tepe, Gobekli Tepe’s 12,000-years-old “Sis Web site”, Begins to Show Their Secrets

For over per year I have already been deeply engrossed in the an excellent major the new opportunity which involves Karahan Tepe, in Turkey’s Anatolia region, it’s better-understood brother webpages Gobekli Tepe, and many other enigmatic ancient websites in several areas of the nation. I found myself within the Turkey into the in this regard endeavor and you can, at Karahan Tepe, we found a Turkish archaeological party far-advanced inside a series of brand new excavations which can be bringing to white a mysterious undetectable part before regarding mankind.

Of thought on the archaeologists just who please offered us accessibility on the excavations prior to that they had yet generated people formal notices on the what they’d receive, We consented not to ever express one thing in public regarding the my personal head to until the site was technically “lead to everyone” – which has now happened (towards the p/turkiye/gobeklitepe-gibi-12-buyuk-kesif-daha-geliyor-insanligin-sirrini-taslarin-dili-anlatacak; that is where

I found this place eerie, frustrating and you may powerful. The new enclosure is completely cut down into and created away off strong bedrock. Ten of the pillars in the enclosure also are myself created from the bedrock that they are nevertheless linked within their angles. Brand new eleventh, somewhat curved, mainstay are freestanding and you may sleeps for the a superficial groove. A number of the archaeologists dealing with the site imagine it could have been accustomed build colour, such as an effective tuning-shell or drum – a referral which is enhanced from the facts the enclosure immediately after contained drinking water (that could perhaps were used so you can modulate styles) to a depth as much as good metre. There’s an over-all assumption that most other pillars on enclosure are phallic signs and therefore will be genuine. not, idea might usefully be given so you can an option possibility. Nearby Gobekli Tepe, Karahan Tepe’s greatest “cousin site”, enjoys an extremely distinctive term, tend to translated “Potbelly Slope” but a whole lot more accurately rendered as “Slope of Navel”

So it attracts me to take into account the chance you to Gobekli Tepe was accepted just like the an enthusiastic Omphalos or “Waist line of Earth”, an idea discovered at other old sites all over the world (Delphi https://www.hookupdate.net/cs/xcheaters-recenze in the Greece, Cuzco in Peru, the fresh Forehead Mount during the Jerusalem and you can Easter Area on Pacific to call just a few) that are linked when you look at the myths and you may lifestyle to geodesy – the newest science regarding truthfully calculating and you may understanding the Earth’s mathematical figure and you can orientation in space. You will Karahan Tepe also provide already been one of them “navel” internet sites, and might this new rock-hewn pillars show maybe not phalli but omphali?

Instantly obvious on the entrances (see below) one particular persuasive puzzle away from Karahan Tepe is this inscrutable human deal with. Mounted on a good sinuous, serpent-instance neck it looks so you’re able to push alone give outside of the bedrock

Karahan Tepe for the context

The brand new Turkish primitive webpages out of Gobekli Tepe, that i penned from the widely in my own 2015 guide Magicians away from this new Gods, became archaeological timelines inverted whether or not it was verified become eleven,600 yrs . old. However, Gobekli Tepe was only the start. Today several other sites away from equivalent antiquity is actually lower than excavation regarding therefore-entitled “Stone Hills” urban area, an area regarding severe attract so you’re able to archaeologists extending getting 100 square kms around Gobekli Tepe.

The spot is actually gearing alone up “so you’re able to contend with new Egyptian pyramids” predicated on local officials. Gobekli Tepe is already available to people, Karahan Tepe often open into the 2022, and is also asked that other sites will even start to greet group whenever excavations is complete.

Santha and i also first made all of our solution to Gobekli Tepe within the 2013, prior to their newest cover and other places was basically applied.

Our very own basic trip to Karahan Tepe was at 2014. We discovered the site nearly totally unexcavated and you can unattended because Santha’s images regarding you to definitely check out inform you.