Badoo was created in London in 2006 by a small group of users

Badoo was created in London in 2006 by a small group of users

Badoo . It is one of the most important global social networks on the internet , although behind others such as Facebook , due to the number of users. Badoo is working in several domains such as: ( Spain ), Badoo it ( Italy ), ( Venezuela ), among others. The site is accessible in 16 languages ??and has users from approximately 180 countries. The objective of this site is that users can make searches that relate them to other users through their geographical location, in order to find friends or partners.


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The process to register is simple, once you enter for the first time, some users that are from the same region are randomly displayed.

The main page of Badoo shows the essential data of the social network such as: the number of recently added contacts, the number of users who are within the favorites group and the function of creating new folders according to the user’s taste with the name of your predilection. There is a folder called blacklist for ignored users.

From the user profile, reports can be created, similar to a newspaper or virtual blog in which the user can tell their experiences, talk about topics of interest and the service of this portal offers the possibility of adding images and videos, by default said Article can be seen by any contact that the user has on his list but it is also possible to customize this function and limit access to a certain group of users.

In the account settings on Badoo, the user can control the level of privacy through these settings as well as some basic profile data in addition to notifications of messages and news from this social network, a limitation in this aspect is that it does not is available in using templates.

Badoo has been developed so that through the creation of well-known reports it is possible to contact people from the same region as well as from other countries, messages from users of this network reach the inbox which alerts the user about the possible contact that you want to add within the circle of friends. The interface and the structure of the page for the user allows to personalize the profile at any time, the Badoo portal can also be accessed through mobile devices, which allows this social network a greater growth worldwide.

Work team

Andreev Andrey, founder of Badoo, continues to focus on Badoo’s strategy, as well as on the development of new products and new projects so that Badoo is continually updated and up-to-date on both the web and mobile platforms, according to the company in its Web page. In addition to being the founder of Badoo, he has created other very successful online companies: SpyLog, Begun and

Jessica Powell is the company’s director of algoritmo Just Cougars business development. Powell has more than a decade of experience in the digital industry, having held various executive positions in Europe, the United States and Asia. Before joining Badoo, she was Director of Communication and Public Affairs at Google, being responsible for the company’s internal and external communication strategy in the Asia Pacific area. The company’s business director is Andrew Parker. Parker is in charge of managing all financial, legal and administrative aspects of Badoo. His career has gone through companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sony or V2 Music Group.

New additions to the Badoo team include Benjaming Ling, a former Google executive, as Google’s chief operating officer. From his position as Head of Operations, Ling will be in charge of overseeing product development, engineering, business and corporate development, as well as partnerships.

Benjamin Ling

From his position as Head of Operations, Ling will be in charge of overseeing product development, engineering, business and corporate development, as well as partnerships. Ling will play a key role in driving Badoo’s global growth. With more than 147 million registered users worldwide, and a growth of over 60% per year, the company is already rapidly expanding into new markets, including the United States, where it already has eight million users, and through the platforms mobile, with its popular applications for iPhone and Android.

Ling comes to Badoo from Google , where he was previously the Director of Product Management for Search Products and Local Business Products. During his time at Google he held different positions, including helping to manage different Google search products (Images, Videos, Books, News, Finance) and products for local businesses, to creating products for Google stores from scratch, (Google Checkout and product search). In addition, Ling was also the director of alliances and platforms for YouTube , during a time of rapid growth for Google’s online video company.

Ling previously also worked for Facebook, where as a platform manager, he oversaw the areas of marketing and product management, developer operations and alliance solutions for the Facebook platform , including ‘Facebook Connect’, which has helped Facebook grow to through the Web .

Ling has a doctorate and master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University, and a degree in electrical and computer engineering with a specialization in Business from the University of Berkeley ( California ). He will join his new role at Badoo in May, at the company’s London headquarters.