She just has fallen in love with an older man and wants to be with me fully when she can

She just has fallen in love with an older man and wants to be with me fully when she can

She has no desire to marry. She has no desire for me to leave my wife for her. She says she loves me. Last trip we played together a lot and I finally slid all the way inside her … she went wild… but I felt an orgasm coming on so I pulled out after maybe 4 minutes. She wanted me to stay inside. I couldn’t. I felt guilty. She said she understood but told me she just wanted me to be like husband when I was in china. And not take me from my wife. She is incredibly sweet. She was not “easy” she is a good, modest woman.

I love her too. I am in china again and will be with her next weekend. I plan to give myself fully to her. I will deal with the guilt I’m sure. It something about the pure love and innocence she has displayed over the 4 years since we met makes this feel so beautiful and not cheap. My wife is beautiful but overweight now. My Chinese woman is sexy and beautiful. I love them both. I think that you cannot generalize women like the author did. Women are all very different. One thing for sure is that women in general are much better human beings than men.

So you had sex with someone half your age?

Does your wife know you cheated on her? Does she know that you have a wife in America? Do you have kids? If so do they know about your affairs with another woman? I know it’s none of my business but if your wife doesn’t know or your side-chick doesn’t know you should tell them. It’s disrespectful and rude if one of them doesn’t know about the other.

Thanks for sharing your opinions here, I am Wendy, a Chinese woman. I have something to tell. First, my teacher taught me, when wrote something. tried to tell the truth and gave the balanced views instead of biased opinions that were completely personal or heard from somewhere .

Second,foreign friends are very welcomed in China, as an English speaker, i often prepare to know a foreigner, to offer help when i can, because this is my country.I want to try my best to give you a good impression and memory about kind Chinese people. there is nothing to do with i am a easy woman.

Thirdly,what i want to say is, every culture,and each single person, build-up our interesting society.i would like to try my best to adopt everything in a new place, the weather,custom,people,food,lifestyle…… because it is the only way to be with them, and feel them. no judgment, no discrimination.

Lastly, believe it or not, you’re or will be treated the same way as you did to others. one of my English teacher Mark, he is a good looking man from Indiana USA, one day i told him”u r so handsome, many female students like you”, Mark said” Do they? but they don’t even KNOW me!” , i don’t know whether he has many random play girls or not, but very delighted to know that he values the spiritual communication. he gains my friendship eventially . i think i have his as well.

I have found I can love two women

One of my personal experiences. i know most of u are enjoying flattering on the internet, there was a guy who left me a lust message in the chat room once, I gave a response”u r far away from your motherland,i do understand u might be lonely sometime,but please remember, u represent ur race,ur country,don’t give others the wrong opinion ! u can reach me if i can do anything for help, be good and take care. ” he disappeared.