Why You Should Date a Korean girl?

Why You Should Date a Korean girl?

Korean republic wives, actresses, models, and singers delight the audience with their beauty, mystery, and femininity. Their heroines are distinguished by their sensitivity, emotionality, and deep affection for their beloved. Although feelings are manifested very restrained, sometimes they are expressed only by looking with beautiful eyes, a beautiful smile, this is enough to understand their depth. It’s no secret that Korean girls are different from European ones, but it’s Korean women who are famous for their oriental beauty. Female beauty in this country is the road to the life of every girl. It is difficult for the ugly to advance in work and in personal life. That is why millions of Korean women struggle every day with their appearance to make it even more attractive.

What is the difference between girls in North and South Korea

North and South Korea were once one country, and there is one person living here, but the difference between the inhabitants of the two countries is enormous. The inhabitants of the DPRK and the Republic of Korea have completely different views on life and goals, which is why such a strong difference is connected. In accordance with the results of various polls, one out of five Koreans underwent plastic surgery, and moreover, in Korea, this is not considered something supernatural or shameful. But the most unusual is that plastic surgery is a very common graduation gift from school, which parents make to their children.

Ideally, women want to look the same: a small nose, a V-shaped chin, and large eyes. And one of the latest trends in plastic is the creation of a smile: the corners of the lips artificially lift, which creates the illusion of a smile.

According to the survey, 25% of Korean women have experience in the intimate services sector: prostitution, escort services, and girls for communication in bars and karaoke. Smoking Korean is a rarity. South Korea has very high fines for smoking in public places, an average of $ 100. But as soon as you get to the center of night parties, it turns out that a smoking Korean woman is not such a phenomenon.

North Korean women like high heels and classic clothes. On the chest is usually an icon depicting one of the leaders of the state. And on holidays, women put on bright traditional costumes. The women of North Korea are independent and strong. They rely only on themselves. They have not been waiting for help from the state and their men for a long time.

Korean Women Traits and Characteristics

Appearance problems. Usually, there are no couples when a young man is shorter than a girl. Koreans have a common ideality of the opposite sex: for men, a beautiful girl should not be thicker than herself, and for women, a young man is taller than he is. Yes, appearance is very important. They have too many people on small earth and people are always close to each other and pay attention to who is dressed and what figure and so on. Maybe that’s why people and appearances are so often paid attention to.

Who will pay for lunch?

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The couple is trying to pay in half in Korea. If a man paid in a restaurant, then a woman pays in a cafe after lunch/dinner or vice versa, therefore, it turns out almost the same. But in the first meeting, men usually pay more. Koreans often think that if they don’t pay on their first date, then this person is mean.

In Korea, often spend group dates 3:3 or 5:5. Such a meeting is called a rally. This method is popular with students at universities. Korean universities have lounges for students. Therefore, it happens that the organizers of such meetings come to such rooms and ask those who wish. Usually like this: Come on 3 people from the faculty of business and 3 girls from the faculty of science.